Sense of Smell Gone & Sense of Taste Next to Nothing. The Adventure Begins

A Fighting Healer's Travels

First off, I will be dabbling with this post the most. I may wind up creating a page for each category. However, this is the first PARTIAL rough draft.

How does one learn to deal with not smelling? There is so much linked to smell…more than one imagines: memories, emotions, relationships, childhood, food, etc. When you cannot smell, you don’t get to feel relaxed when your loved one wears cologne or perfume. You will not smile inside when you are cooking your favorite dish. You cannot smell when there is mildew, must, mold, corrupted food etc. Furthermore, you could only taste one of four things: sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. In essence,95% of all tastes are gone. For instance, for me, a banana, vanilla pudding, and cake all tastes the same: sweet. The End. Textures and sensations (heat from chilies, cool from ranch dressing or sour cream, etc.) are higher…

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